Saturday, July 26, 2014

Valdez, 7/23/2014

On the road again Wednesday July 23
 Loved camping along the Lowe River.
 Little mist as we start out.
 Stopped by the fish hatchery again.
 Just amazing how hard they work to return home.

They nest on the bridge.

Old Valdez
Map at the Valdez Museum of the protected Valdez harbor in Prince William Sound.
 Early road from Valdez to Fairbanks
 We should not complain about the roads we have traveled.

 3/4 mile by 600 feet fell into the harbor as result of the Good Friday 1964 Earthquake.
Building of the Pipeline overcame many challenges
 Fur fish
Unique jacket for sale 
 Valdez harbor
 Maxine Museum at the Prince William College

 Wooden dishes made and used by native Alaskans

Burl made into a turtle 

 Native tools


Fossilized whalebone mask 
Native tools 
 Valdez small boat harbor

We stayed at Dry Creek State Campground near Glennallen.

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