Sunday, July 13, 2014

Seward & Begich Boggs Visitor Center 7/13/14

On the road again Sunday July 13. Happy anniversary to Ted and Allison, our son and daughter-in-law.   Best wishes for many more joy filled years.

We attended Mass at Sacred Heart Church.  It was founded in 1910.  The priest welcomed all the visitors.  He commented we usually don't have this many attending Mass.  All were invited for coffee after Mass.  We visited with a couple and their two priest friends they were traveling with.   Interesting to learn Stephen and Mary Ann are greatly involved in cranberry growing and harvesting in New Jersey for Ocean Spray.  Their children are 7th generation on the farm.    They encouraged us to visit their farm in October to have at our of the tour of their operation.
Our campsite for last night in Seward right on the water.  Overcast but sensational.

I always consider it a bonus when we see n bald eagle.
 Interesting to learn these mountains appear so tall because we are driving at sea level.
We visited the Begich Boggs Visitors Center of the Chugach National Forest.  As we walked to the Center in the Portage Creek in front was a huge piece that had broken off the Bryon Glacier a few days earlier. Neat to see the beautiful blue color.  (oops, I forgot to take a picture.)

After watching a video "Voices of the Ice" about the Chugach Forest we took a Ranger lead safari to find ice worms. We hiked to the Bryon Glacier and I found a few. They are tiny like a pencil line.

 Pencil line is a real Iceworm.  Honest!

We stayed at Williwaw Campground. We were surrounded by huge trees and marveled at the glaciers around us.

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