Monday, July 28, 2014

Skagway, 7/28/2014

On the road again Monday July 28
On Alaska time again so  3 hours behind our hometown.  Going to Skagway, Alaska.
Still vu[ 2,800 feet and nears the clouds.

Trucks really labor getting up the hill.
Run off area for trucks.
Bridge to cross.
Passed through U.S. Customs again.
We took a National Park Ranger led walk through Skagway.  William Moore built a log cabin, a sawmill, and began the construction of a wharf in anticipation of the ships that would land here offloading thousands of eager gold-seekers.
Later built a larger home and his first home was moved by the National Parks.
 Mascott Salloon was one of 80 in the boom year of 1898.
We rode the White Pass and Yukon Train.

2,865-foot elevation gain through White Pass.  See Skagway in the distance.
Lots of turns and bridges.

Going into a tunnel
Famous White Pass Trail that miners hiked during the Klondike Gold Rush.

We didn't travel that bridge.
But this one.

Water is crystal clear.
U. S. and Canadian Border
Mile 18 of a 27 mile ride

Medium green color indicates avalanche areas.
Campers are allowed to stay at this spot along the trail.
While I am preparing this blog I goggled White Pass & Yukon train and discovered there was a train derailment 5 days before we took the trip.  Phil now says he noticed a lot of repair work being done along the way.  The derailment was near the U.S. - Canadian border.  If you have read about our previous trips... accidents happen AFTER we have been 3 places.
Artwork in store window.

We camped at National Park 8 miles out of town.  It's scenic drive to the campground and throughout this entire trip. Such a joy to see God's great creation.

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