Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Potters Marsh & Mat-Su Valley, 7/14 & 15/14

On the road again Monday July 14. It was 40 degrees this morning. I guess sleeping under the glaciers brings in the cool air.

 Breathtaking scenery.
These trees died because of the earthquake of 1964 when the earth collapsed
causing the tree roots to die.
 We visited Potters Marsh. We saw a few ducks and gulls but still the sunny morning made it a stunning visit. The walk on the extensive boardwalk in the crisp air was refreshing.

Tom and Linda stopped at a mechanic who fixed the needed part.  I got my hair cut and we did laundry.  A quiet day.

We camped at Eagle River Campground, Chugach State Park. We have been wanting to have a campfire but it was either raining or we were at campgrounds where fires were not allowed. We finally could have a fire and enjoy some s'mores. A couple from Virginia stopped by to visit. Before we knew it the time was 11 pm. Again may I mention how light it is and only twilight overnight. We dont realize how late in the evening it is. Land of the midnight sun.

On the road again Tuesday July 15. Happy birthday to our goddaughter, Catherine. Best wishes for many, many more and great running of marathons.
 A moose caused traffic to stop on both sides of the four lane highway.
The garden outside the Palmer Visitors Center was overflowing with coloring and stunning flowers and vegetables. I'm able to get my flower fix in this land of abundant sunshine.

 They grow record setting vegetables because of the long sunshine filled days AND nights.
There is a great Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit: America by Food.

Another exhibit had information about FDR's project similar to WPA in 1935. Farmers from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan were brought to the Palmer area since these people could bear the Alaskan winters. On a list of those who participated in the Project were two families from Merrill, Phil's hometown.

 Church of aThousand Trees
 We picked fresh kohlrabi, radishes, lettuce and broccoli at Pyrah's Pioneer U-Pick Vegetables Farm. Acres and acres of vegetables in this valley amidst the mountains. The potatoes were about to bloom. When we ate the vegetables they were so very good. Should have bought more.

We toured the Independence Mine State Historic Park. Gold was mined here from1935 to 1943. Our tour guide was very informative. He demonstrated how to pan for gold but we didn't have any luck. Amazing place up in the mountains.

We drove Hatcher Pass. The first 10 of 22 miles were gravel switchback roads that wove around the mountains. It was amazing scenery for me but Phil had to keep his hands gripped around the steering wheel and focus straight ahead on the road.
 Tom and Linda following us.

We stayed at Willow Creek Campground. Had a fire and s'mores again.

Location:  Palmer & Mat-Su Valley

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