Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fairbanks, 7/1/2014

On the road again Tuesday July 1
 Phil with 8 foot Otto at the University Of Alaska Museum
 Tundra and Trumpeter Swans.
 Look at the size of the feef of the Polar bear!
 Ribbon seal
Blue Babe a 36,000 year old bison mummy.
Another frozen mummy:  a wooly mammoth.
Potlatch ceremonial clothes

 Mukluka shoes made of sealskin.
 Waterproof mittens of sealskin.
 Goggles made of wood.

Calendar made of walrus tusk. 
Bag made of fish skin and lined with sealskin.

We also watched three videos. 
1.  Winter.  2. Northern Lights.  3.  Being here.

It was a rainy day so best place was inside.  What a remarkable Museum.  We did laundry.  By the way, laundromats have showers rooms.  This one was $4.50 for a 15 minutes shower.

We stayed again at Walmart.

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