Saturday, July 26, 2014

Leaving Alaska. 7/25/2014

On the road again Friday July 25
Young elk looking for breakfast.
Just awesome scenery.
Holy Rosary Church in Tok.

I left our camera bag after we attended Mass here on Sunday June 29. We were on our way to North Pole before I realized it was missing. I called the church and asked them to keep it till we got back that way.

If you look at a map of Alaska you'll see if you are driving there is one road into Alaska and that same road to drive out on.

We had a great visit with the nun who is the Parish Administrator. She is originally from Missouri, has worked in Philadelphia and Sitka, Alaska. She is so happy to be back in Alaska.

We filled up with water, fuel and were ready to get on the road. Ohhh, leaving the interior of Alaska. I'm glad we are going to Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan.  Really not ready to leave Alaska.
Tundra swan

Grizzly looking for lunch.
Good placed describing the life cycle of the salmon.

I drove to the Canadian border (Phil has done most of the driving on our trip.). I had some construction, drizzle and rain. No hassle crossing the border.

Phil had more construction to drive through and frost heaves and rain. I don't think I've talked about them. Whoa, have we traveled many roads with frost heaves!!! They work on repairing them but they are so numerous they can't get them all.

Kluane River.
 I went for a mile walk in the serene quiet countryside.
I've come to appreciate the thin black spruce.
We boondocked at the Rest Area by Kluane River.

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