Friday, February 24, 2012

Arizona, 2/23/12, Kartchner Caverns

On the Road Again Thursday Feb. 23. Have I told how you how dry it is! Yes! Indeed!

We toured Kartchner Caverns south of Benson, AZ. The weather in the cave was like Florida. 72 degrees and HUMID. The story of the discovery of these caverns is interesting. It was discovered in 1974 but did not become a State acquisition until 1988. It did not open to the public until 1999.

Straw formations are amazing.

We were not allowed to take cameras so these are photos I got from the Internet.

A fried egg formation!!!!!

Drapery formations that can be said to look like bacon. We some more pronounced.

We toured the Big Room.

This doesn't show it, but there were some that looked liked flowing strawberry milkshake. Also some that looked like carrots and turnip but couldn't find and photos of them. Tour guide said the turnip formations are hollow. She was an outstanding guide.

Can you see the drop of water coming of the end of the stalactite?

What an incredible experience.

We are at Saguaro RV Park, Benson, AZ. We visited with many interesting people at the Park's Happy Hour. Then visited with the couple next to us. They are from Appleton, WI. Also met a couple from Wisconsin Rapids on our tour as well as couples from Alberta, Hawaii, Washington state and so many other places. Small world and we are having fun exploring it.

Location:Benson, AZ.

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