Monday, February 13, 2012

Texas, 2/12/12

On the Road Again Sunday Feb. 12.

Happy 46th Anniversary wishes to Claudia and Bob, Ellie's sister and brother-in-law. Best wishes for many more happy and healthy years. May you be married as long as our maternal grandparents....70 years.

Brrrr, another cold overnight, 34 degrees, but our little furnace keeps us comfortable and warm. On our drive to Big Bend National Park at the elevation of 4500 feet it was 25 degrees. We traveled through rain and at lower elevation dense FOG.

At 4:00 in the afternoon the sun came out and scenery was beautiful.

The land appears to be barren.

But there are buffalo grazing.

Lots of them. A javelina crossed the road 1/4 mile ahead of us. Couldn't get a picture of him.

An interesting decal on the back of the window of a truck at the Visitors Center.

Fog and rain. Later the fog was denser.

A fat roadrunner at our campsite. We hiked to the Rio Grande Village Nature Trail.

We cross this pond.

A heron hangs out here.

He heads to the pond when we get too close. Then he's back near the bridge.

Trinkets are left along they way.

The craftsmen hope you will leave a donation. We were told, Don't do it. The Border Patrol could give heavy fines.

Continuing on the hike.

A panoramic view. Mexico across the Rio Grand River.

It was cold and windy, but spectacular.

Prickly pear cacti everywhere.

We heard the sunset is beautiful so went made the 3/4 mile hike again at 6:15.

The view to the west. We were told to look to the east.

The view was just awesome.

We headed back to our RV and played our card game. We are camping at the Rio Grande Village. On our hikes have chatted with interesting couples from MI, IL, Vancouver, B. C., MN. and Texas. We are so glad to be here.

We only have Internet access if we are by the store at the Rio Grande Village. Posting probably won't be every day.

Y'all be safe now.

Location:Big Bend National Park

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