Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arizona, 2/29/12, Taliesin West & Montezuma Castle Monument

On the Road Again Wednesday, Feb. 29

To Scottsdale, AZ. to tour Frank Lloyd Wright's home, Taliesin West. Taliesin is Welsh for shining brow. Wright believed a home should be on the brow of the hill.

He used triangles a lot in his designs. He built his home and school on 640 acres.

Lots of sculptures.

Male students live in tents in the desert the first months of the education.

Students studio.

Dining room for special events. We were not allowed to take photos of the living space of the home.

Interesting wall in the Music Pavilion.

Stone Room has excellent acoustics.

Can you see the hammer in this wall?

Now can you see it? The Tour Guide was so informative. We have toured three homes designed and built by Wright. Each guide has been so informative. Each time we learn more about Wright and his beliefs.

Next stop Montezuma Castle National Monument to see the cliff dwellings of the Sinagua Indians.

They lived here in 1200's to 1450. The "Castle" was 5 levels and 20 rooms.

The foundation is in a vertical cliff 46 ft. above the slope. It was accessible only by ladder.

Beautiful white Arizona sycamore were used in the building of the Castle.

This dwelling had 45 rooms, living space for 100 people. There had been a fire so this dwelling is not as preserved as the Castle.

Amazing how the Indians could build in the hills.

The archeologists named the second cliff dwelling "A."

Model of the Castle cliff dwelling.

A woven yucca sandal.

Yucca fiber.

We are camping at Sunrise campground near Cornville in the hills or mountains near Sedona. Very peaceful brook behind our site.

Location:Scottsdale and Cornville, AZ.

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