Sunday, February 19, 2012

Texas, 2/17/12 & 2/18/12, Big Bend National Park, Castolon Area

On the Road Again Friday Feb. 17 after a night of rain.

Even though it rained last night, I think the pond of water by our campsite is because they irrigate the area to keep the cottonwood trees healthy.

I think the purple cactus are so captivating.

Hiking in Tuffs Canyon.

Rocks look like they are encased in cement, but this is the way they are.

Got the timer to take a photo of us!

A vast canyon.

Heading out.

Interesting holes in the walls.

Mules Ear Mountain. It's a cloudy day. Rain didn't come but looked like it could.

PRICKLY purple cactus. You don't want to run into those needles.

Interesting plant on the Burro Springs Trail. Because of the drought we didn't see any spring!
Hiked the Lower Mesa Pour-off Trail to this narrow "box canyon."

Can only imagine the water rushing through this canyon to carve the walls and move huge rocks and boulders. Canyons and mountains fascinate us the most.

Old Maverick Road exiting Big Bend National Park. What an awesome Park.

Interesting to see the clouds, mountains and blue sky.

Have you ever heard of Study Butte. But did you say it right? STEW DE BUTTE. We camped at Big Bend RV Resort, Study Butte. Met up with 3 couples we had met two different days on hikes. We enjoyed having beer with them and sharing stories. Continued happy traveling wishes to Jan and Dennis, Terra and Larry, and Monty and Cathy.

On the Road Again Saturday Feb. 18. We did another first this morning. We finally used our propane stove, made eggs for breakfast. They turned out great. Another milestone in our Roadtrek.

Picnic area on our way to Presidio.

See this sign often. Saw cattle by side of the road but couldn't get the camera focused in time. Also signs that say "Road May Flood." Aren't we glad we are traveling on a sunny day.

Train with LOTs and LOTS of double decker semi trailer loads. Also saw rows and rows of trees, knew it must be an orchard. Finally saw a sign that said Pecans.

Camping at Guadalupe National Park. Texas, high in the mountains. Yes, it's a parking lots but no. 1---locations is great in the mountains, close to hiking tomorrow and no. 2---can't beat the price of $4.00 a night. Talked with a couple traveling in a Roadtrek. They are from Madeline Island in the Apostle Islands of WI. Interestingly, we visited that island in July.

We now are on, how appropriate, Mountain Time. It's 34 degrees at 9:30. Gonna be a cold one tonight.

Location:Big Bend National Park, Castolon Area to Guadalupe Mountain National Park

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