Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arizona, 2/24/12, Bisbee and Tombstone

On the Road Again Friday Feb. 24 to Bisbee, AZ.

By the 1900 Bisbee was the largest town between St. Louis and San Francisco. Copper was discovered in the 1880's.

An old Greyhound bus.

Gas pumps.

Taxi from years ago.

By the 1970's most mines were closed. The town has become a place for artists, writers, musicians, etc. I have been a fan of J. A. Jance who has a series of novels about the town of Bisbee, Sheriff Joanna Brady and Cochise County. Hadn't thought we'd visit but we were so close, here we are.

We ate at the Bisbee Breakfast Club restaurant which may be one of Joanna Brady's favorite eating places. It is interesting to drive around Cochise County, places I read about in J. A. Jance's books.

We visited the Bisbee Restoration Museum. Here is a typewriter with separate keys for the upper and lower case letters.

This is a Florence sewing machine from 1860.

Another view of the sewing machine.

This is a record player from 1902. When we signed the guest book we were surprised to see the names of a couple we know from our hometown. They had visited the same Museum the day before.

Then onto Tombstone, AZ.

Tombstone is the town too tough to die!

We attended the reenactment of the shoot out at the O. K. Corral that occurred on Oct. 26, 1881.

There were a lot of tough guys in Tombstone.

We also watched a 25 minute Historama about the town's history.

Gas Intertype machine in the Epitaph building. The Epitaph newspaper is the oldest continuously published paper in AZ.

In the Tombstone Courthouse there were many informative displays to help us learn the history of the town and Cochise County. There was a 15 minute video to watch of a murder trIal from 1897. A dispute over water rights lead to a death and trial.

Live music at Big Nose Kate's Saloon.
We returned to Saguaro RV Co-op for a Fish Fry sponsored by the RV'ers who are at this place. It was great. Got to visit again with Ann and Herb and met a new couple. So good to share stories.

Location:Bisbee and Tombstone, AZ

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