Saturday, February 11, 2012

Texas, 2/10/12

On the Road Again Friday Feb. 10. We are learning so much about Texas as well as our country. Sometimes in the traditional sense, like Museums, Wildlife Centers, etc., and sometimes in the unusual...Stonehedge and Easter Island statues at Ingram, TX.

Today we went to a Cap Gun Museum. It has thousands of cap guns sets.

Hopalong Cassidy

Roy Rogers

Gene Autry

Lone Ranger

Another Hopalong Cassidy. What a trip down memory lane.

This Planero Negro

Davy Crockett

This is half of the museum.

This the other half.

These next three photos are one display case.

And there are 50 cases of guns.

Also dolls with cap guns and Western wear.

The Cap Gun Museum is just part of the property. There are bed and breakfast rooms.

A fine Italian restaurant.

An underground chapel.

An underground grotto

Future shops.

A banquet hall.

With hundreds of stuffed animals on the walls.

A bath house.

This is the home and property of Charles and Rebecca Trois near Enchanted Rock north of Fredericksburg. It was worth the trip on the winding roads to visit it.

Then onto to Lyndon Baines Johnson state and National Historic Park.

The Texan White House, as LBJ really worked when he was here 500 days out of his presidency.

He would fly the last part of he trip in. Lear Jet.

Notice the plane has two engines on each side, since he was the president , if one engine went out there was a second engine.

LBJ loved to drive people to his ranch through the river.

Special designed car to drive in water.

Actually a dam that he would drive over.

LBJ's all terrain vehicle.

We visited the home where LBJ's family ancestors lived in the early 1910's.

The homes had no electricity.

A cSear Roebuck catalog open to the page describing a home you could buy through the catalog.

The home was set up in the style of the 1910's.

Looks like what my grandparents had.

We camped at Peach Country RV Park, Stonewall, TX.Met some wonderful people and played cards with some. We learned a new intriguing game, "Peg and Joker." What a fun evening.

Location:Fredericksburg and Stonewall, TX.

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