Sunday, February 5, 2012

Texas, 2/3

On the Road Again Friday Feb. 3 to visit the four other San Antonio Missions (the Alamo is the 5th) founded by the Franciscans in the 1700's.

San Jose Mission

Impressive Rose Window.

Amazing to realize this intricate masonry of roses was done in the 1720.

Front of the church.

They are restoring the statutes.

Sketches of the original church.

Drawing of original design.

Casts for repairing the statues.

This is an active church. A wedding was being held here this evening.

Original walls had the Spanish influence of rounded arches. Later remodeling was done with a Gothic theme of the pointed arches.

Recreation of oven used in the 1700's.


Original paints preserved.

Original painting.

San Juan Capistrano.

San Francisco de la Espada.

We had a very interesting chat with Brother Jerome who is the caretaker of these beautiful gardens. He also plays the organ for this parish as well as other parishes. He is from Chicago but been here for decades. Charming and interesting person.

Brother Jerome said d be sure to take a picture of this archway. It is the original wall. Most others have been rebuilt.

We were treated to Mexican dinner out with Floyd and Gaye. Phil and he had been auditors and it was great for all of us to visit. I had met Gaye in 1991. Fantastic evening.

Location:San Antonio, TX.

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