Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Texas, 2/14/12, Big Bend, Rio Grande Campgrounds, TX.

On the Road Again Tuesday Feb. 14. Happy Valentines Day wishes to one and all. Balmy 39 degrees this morning.

We are hiking from Daniels Ranch to Hot Springs. 2.8 miles one way.

Up and up.

Looking back.

Lots of sunscreen and protective hats.

See the hikers on the ridge. They were part of a Roads Scholar group.

Very, very few flowers. It is so incredibly dry.

Mountains in the distance.

First sighting of the Rio Grande River on this hike.

More mountains in the distance.

The drought is so severe. You can see the plants are drying up.

Phil found some shade. The only spot of shade on the entire hike. It was HOT. We used our Camelback hydration backpacks. So great to sip on the water instead of having to pull out a bottle. We drank 2 liters each before we got to Hot Springs.

Maybe a clam fossil???

Phil took a walk in the hot spring.

Ellie did too.

Mexicans across the river.

We didn't take a dip in the river. Some did, it was much cooler than the 105 degree temperature of the Hot Springs. We walked in the shallow part of the pool so I don't think the water we were in was 105.

Limestone cliffs.

They were so impressive.

Historic hot springs area.

Remains of the adobe walls.

We were so blessed to meet a couple who gave us a ride back to our RV. On the hike to the Hot Springs he said he was hiking back to get the car so she didn't have to hike back. When we arrived at the Hot Springs he offered us a ride back. We were so EXTREMELY grateful. When back to the RV we saw it was 82 degrees. We are sure it was MUCH hotter as we were hiking through the desert in the full sun. Cannot say enough, how grateful we are for the ride back to our RV. God provides angels. Thank you, God. They were a wonderful couple from Eugene, OR. We wish them well in all their travels.

We attended an evening program - Big Bend's Top 10 lead by a Ranger. This is an amazing park. She said 65% of those who come to Big Bend return for another (or more) visits. she shared her reasons Big Bend National Park is the best. Geology, convergence of elements, wildlife, solitude, discovery (you can hike anywhere), 12,00 years of human living here, diversity, and more I can't remember. We agree a phenomenal place to visit.

We will leave Rio Grande Village area on Wednesday Feb. 15 and go to Chisos Basin.

Happy trails wishes to you.

Location:Big Bend National Park, Rio Grande Campgrounds, TX.

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