Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arizona, 2/25/12, Tucson

On the Road Again Saturday Feb. 25 but first we joined the Saturday morning coffee and donuts social at the Club House. The couple who came in the same as us is from Downers Grove, a SW suburb of Chicago, small world. We shared experiences and learned a lot from them,

It is amazing there are so many unbelievable places to visit!

We spent 5 hours at the Desert Museum near Tucson.

We learned how to say Saguaro. We don't pronounce the g. The cacti are just incredible.

The bloom on the saguaro cactus.

A five armed saguaro.

Unusual. ?name?

Evening primrose.

Golden touch cactus

Bishop's Miter Cactus

Cactus with blooms.


Agave about to bloom

Blooms done

We toured the reptile rooms. Here's a pink snake called the Coachwhip. It is a speedy snake, can go 3.6 mph.

We attended a lecture on venomous critters. Here's a Hilo monster. It stores its food in its tail.

Rattlesnakes were the other critter discussed.

The handler used 3 ft poles to move the snake around. She was respectfully of the poisonous snake and knew it could not attack more than a 2 foot radius.

She kept her distance with the 3 ft poles.

Rattlesnakes are most prevalent in Arizona.

What a delight it was to walk among the hummingbirds.

It was so difficult get a picture because they moved so quickly.

The ABSOLUTE delight was to see Momma feeding her babies.

Volunteers said the babies will be flying soon.

A volunteer was explaining about this beautiful Snowy Owl.

We watched a Harris Hawks demonstation.

There were four hawks who worked together.

They would glide up and down, around and around.

They soared through the air so elegantly. They also would soar across the crowd about 6 inches above our heads. Woo, you could hear so many say.

Eventually they caught their prey. What a presentations they and their trainers put on.

This may look like a rat or a pig but it's a javelina.

Beautiful Jay

Bobcats sleeping in the cave away from the sunny 80 degree weather.

Though we have seen Prairie Dogs often in our travels it's captivating to watch their playful antics.

Mountain lion is enjoying the shade of his cave.


And deer were in the same area.

Lion was in the shade too. And the bear and fox, so don't have good photos. This place is more Jffthan a museum. It is a zoo, botanical garden, natural history in the landscape of the Sonoran Desert. It is phenomenal!!!!

On our way to our campsite we see more and more saguaros. They are helpful in controlling erosion. But they only grow 1.5 inches per year.

We are staying at Miracle RV Park in Tucson.

Location:Tucson, AZ.

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