Friday, February 17, 2012

Texas, 2/16/12, Big Bend National Park, Castolon Area

On the Road Again Thursday Feb. 16.

We loved the Chisos Campground in the mountains. We hiked all the open trails so thought we'd move on.

If you look real close in the center you can see the campground. Truly nestled in the mountains. A benefit of not being in the desert, it only got down to 50 overnight.

Pinnacles as we leave are showing the benefit of the morning sun.

Driving through the desert to the Castolon area there is a 10% grade.

Interesting rock formations and colors.

We got our campsite at Cottonwood Campground.

Then headed to Santa Elena Canyon. The walls are 1,500 feet.

Up the trail.

Can you tell us what kind of bird this is?

Enormous mountains.

As far as we could go.

This is the narrowest part on the Canyon.

Looking straight up to the sky....see the two sides of the canyon.

On the way back.

Climbing onto a log to get over the rocks.

Phil got a picture of a turtle. Sorry we can't crop to get it bigger for you to see.

What a truly majestic place.

Heading back to our RV for lunch.

Hiked the Dorgan House trail. This was a farmhouse built in early 1900's.

La Casita, another home from the same time.

They worked this land by developing irrigation.

Remains of the Dorgan home built in the 1930's.

Double sided fireplace.

Large windows looking out on the fields. Also had a good breeze.

We visited the Castolon Historic site and Park's Visitors Center. The area first was a military outpost, then trading post. The store is still in operation.

We are camping at Cottonwood Campground. There are only 12 of the 31 sites occupied. At the campground chatted again with Marian and Drew who we have met twice on trails. We meet wonderful, interesting people. Lots of lightning and a little rain in the afternoon and evening. You can see how dry it is. The rain is needed desperately.

Location:Big Bend National Park, Castolon Area

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