Thursday, February 9, 2012

Texas, 2/8/12

On the Road Again Wednesday Feb. 8.

Sweet rolls from locally famous Haby's Bakery. We walked in the door and could taste the sweetness of the bakery in the air before even eating anything. Yum!!!! They were delicious.

We visited the Castroville Chamber of Commerce Building. This is a painting of the home built in 1851.

A 1929 range.

The shelves were lined with newspaper with cutout designs. This style of decorating was started by one of the home's owners and was adopted by other ladies in the town.

It was amazing to see this kitchen display.

Because my Mom had these identical cooky cutters. We were told these cooky cutters were hand made.

The sign say "Food and Drink are the Spice of Life. Would you agree?

Map showing Alsace.

Dolls in Alsatian costumes.

This mural tells the story of Castoville.

Many original homes are remaining.

Typical home built in early Castroville days had a sloping back roof.

Interesting mailboxes.

Another interesting mailbox.

A Sears Roebuck catalog house.

The first Catholic Church in Castroville was built in 1846.

Passing through Bandero saw an interesting longhorn. Metal artwork is everywhere.

Do you see Phil in Stonehedge. This is a 7/8 reproduction in Ingram, Texas.

Easter Island???? Statue.

Next stop to climb the Enchanted Rock.

How ya all doing?

As we hiked up and down Enchanted Rock many people said...."how ya all doing?" That's one of the Texan saying we are hearing all the time.

During our hike we tried out our new hiking shoes and trekking poles. Both helped, now we are ready for our next adventure. The Enchanted Rock was neat. It is about 1825 feet high. It is an amazing pink SOLID granite.

Geologic survey at the top.

Interesting sun and clouds reflection in the little pond atop the "rock."

Interesting rock formations.

More cacti on the way down.

"Y'all stay safe you hear" is another Texan saying we hear.

We camped at Oakwood RV Resort, Fredericksburg, TX. Y'all stay safe now.

Location:Castroville and Fredericksburg, Texas

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