Thursday, February 9, 2012

Texas, 2/9/12

On the Road Again Thursday Feb. 9 to the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg. What a phenomenal museum. The exhibits in the George H. W. Bush Gallery started with exhibits: the "Seeds of Conflict," "Seeds of the Empire" and "Countdown to War." We learned why Japan went to war. There were exhibits explaining the fighting on the various islands in the Pacific as well as China and Alaska.

Samurai sword believed to be from 13th or 14th century. Also 19th century grapeshot ammunition and a Japanese food chest.

Flag flown on an American destroyer sent into China to protect the American missionaries who were being attacked by the Japanese. The Japanese didn't
understand the flag and let the ship pass.

Because we wanted to go on the guided tour of the Pacific Combat Zone at 1 pm, we left the gallery having only looked at half of the exhibits.

This is the Avenger torpedo bomber plane. It could drop depth charges, on the left, or bombs, center or torpedoes, under the from of the plane.

American carrier.

Authentic PT boat...patrol torpedo boat. This is the Navy's version of the Infantry. There were 660 PT boats made for the war efforts. 35 went to Russia in lend lease agreement.

They were made of wood.

This area depicted the Japanese fortifications. The logs are from coconut trees. Not something we Midwesterners would think of. Coconut logs!!!! The guide was excellent, shared so much knowledge about the war and the exhibits.

After a quick lunch back to the George H. W. Bush Gallery continuing through the last 20 exhibits.

Photo of PT boats.

Raising of the flag on Iwa Jima.

Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima by Enola Gray.

The Fat Man dropped on Nagasaki.

Very impressive presentation of the Pacific War. We were at the Museum from 10:15 to 5 pm.

We are staying at Hill Country RV Park. Another very interesting day.

Location:Fredericksburg, TX

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