Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Mexico, 2/21/12, White Sands Monument and Missile Museum

On the Road Again Tuesday 2/21 back to the White Sands Monument.

Even though the temperature is 34, that is NOT snow on the road, but white sand.

Just to give you a perspective of how high the Dunes are, our vehicle is 9 ft 8 inches.

This is such a captivating place.

Red, white and blue!

Mile, like 155 square miles of white sand.

Cabanas. Not on snow, but SAND.

We were like kids climbing up on the dunes. Everywhere you look beautiful white sand.

Time to move on.

White Sands Missile Museum

40 or 50 missiles on display

Aeroshell was a section of the Voyager Balloon. The bright shiny aeroshells projected an illusion of flying saucers. They were designed to slow missiles landing on Mars.

Cold War Defense Plan. Maps shows base near our hometown.

Nike information

8 dramatic paintings of the soldiers enduring the Bataan Death March in the Philippines. Very harsh but realistic paintings done by one of the few survivors. http://www.arts.gov/artworks/?tag=bataan-death-march

1/3 size model of test atomic bomb set off in July, 1945 at the Trinity Test Site.

We had dinner with Bert and Janet who moved to Las Cruces 12 years ago. They used to be our next door neighbors. It was great to visit with them.

At La Posta, a wonderful Mexican restaurant that used to be a stop for the stagecoaches. http://www.laposta-de-mesilla.com/html/history.html

Yum!!! Mexican dessert

SOPAIPILLAS: A light, fluffy pastry bread served hot with honey.

We are camping at Coachlight RV Park in LasCruces just a few miles from Historic Mesilla.

Location:White Sands Monument and Missile Museum and Las Cruces, N.M.

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