Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Mexico, 2/22/12, Las Cruces and Deming, N. M.

On the Road Again Wednesday Feb. 22 to the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces. Farm girl that I am, I learned the largest dairy farm in New Mexico is milking 15,000 cows a day. This farm is in a basin so they have a good water supply and can raise alfalfa.

Long horn cattle. We took a ride on the back 20 acres to see the animals.


Barbary Sheep

Black faced sheep. The red hair goats are kept inside. Last year they were outside more and their red mohair wool was faded.

This is an interesting artwork.

Cut out so the sun comes through.

Another beautiful sunny day.

Mongollan pit house from 1,300 years ago.

They planted corn a foot deep. Pea sized to fist size gravel slowed the evaporation of rainwater. They started growing corn in the SW 3,000 years ago and beans 2,300 years ago.

Jan. 6,1912 New Mexico became a state, the 47th state. The flag flying above the state capital is one of three. This flag has 47 stars. Arizona became the 48th state 6 weeks later. Only three 47 stars flags were made.

Smokey the Bear is from New Mexico.

Mineral rich state.

Between 10 to 50 films per year from the 1930 to 1990's.

Cattle drives.

Huge impact on New Mexico large and small towns.

Hadn't thought of Italians being prisoners of war.

Atomic age.

Ellie ground corn.

Guess I'll make Phil corn tortillas.

Border Patrol checkpoint.

Billboards along I-10.

We visited the Customs House in Deming. Can you see the Customs patch?

An amazing crocheted bedspread.

We visited the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum. New Mexico is celebrating their centennial.

Many rugs were on display.

There were many Mimbres baskets on display.

Mimbres bracelets made from shells.

A SQUARE piano in the art Gallery.

Singer sewing machine for saddles in the Cowboy exhibit.

Hundreds and hundreds of whiskey bottles of many imaginable kinds. Here's a chess set. There were telephones, Irish characters, Hollywood stars, so many more. They were so colorful.

Beautiful dining room table setup in Bessie May room.

Petrified wood in the Gem and Mineral Room.

So many geodes.

Chuck wagon in the Cowboy Exhibit.

Homespun quilt from 1864 in the Quilt Section.

Quilt from 1880.

China head doll in the Doll Exhibit.

Hundreds of dolls but this is the most amazing one. A doll from Japan after the atomic bomb was dropped. It was brought to the U.S. by a G.I.

Iron lung in the Medical Exhibit.

The Deming Museum is an incredible place filled with SO much history of the area and the U.S. Other exhibits were: Harvey House, Antiques Autos, Hispanic Room and Military History.

We are camping at Dream Catcher RV Park at Deming. We visited with Herb and Ann who are also here. We met them when we all did the Washington D.C. Tour in Oct. 2010. We also coincidentally met up with last March in AL. Happy travel wishes to them as they head towards Alaska.

Location:Las Cruces and Deming, N. M.

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