Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Texas, 2/7/12

On the Road Again Tuesday Feb. 7

Mission Espiritu Sanctu on Goliad State Park property. Learned a lot about the Mission and area from a Ranger.

In the 1700's the floor of the church was dirt.

Baptismal font.

Original wall fragment

Mission Espiritu Sanctu in 1740's.

Only portion of the Mission that is original. Other buildings have been reconstructed since the 1930's.

Granary. At one time there were over 100,000 cattle cared for by the workers of this Mission and Soldiers on Presidio La Bahia. Cattle were taken to the Spanish soldiers in Florida who were fighting in the America Revolution.

Cotton was harvested and spun into thread.

The ladies wove cloth.

Priest quarters.

Next we visited Presidio La Bahia. (fort where the soldiers and their families were stationed.

Texan history is very involved.

Flag depicting we will give our right arm for freedom.

Major Texas - Mexican battles.

It is tragic to read of the Massacre at Goliad.

Angel of Goliad helped some soldiers escape death.

Memorial to Fannin and his 340 soldiers massacred at Goliad.

The church at Presidio.

Church at the Presidio.

Next stop the town of Castroville. It was settled in 1842 by people from Alsace, the region some of Ellie's ancestors are from.

The Steinbach House was first built in Alsace. This type of home was easily taken apart and moved to a new location. It was moved to Castroville from Alsace and reconstructed by Alsatians.

The insulation.

We also visited St. Louis Catholic Church.

It is amazing to see similarities to the church I attended in my hometown of Sun Prairie, WI.

These angels are like the ones on the altar at Sacred Hearts.

St. Joseph altar.

Mary's altar.

Similar statue at Sacred Hearts, Sun Prairie.

Beautiful stain glass windows.

Even the ceiling lights look familiar.

We camped at the Castroville Regional Park. Eager to learn more about the Alsatian tomorrow.

Location:Goliad and Castroville, TX

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