Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Texas, 2/13/12

On The Road Again Mon. Feb 13. But we weren't in a hurry to get up. It was 39 at 9 pm, got down to 36 degrees. Our RV doesn't have the insulation of our home back in IL. Since we are not plugged into electricity (dry camping at this campsite) we didn't have our furnace running during the night. The furnace works on propane but the fan uses house battery power. Our house battery got low. It got CHILLY. The house battery got recharged as we drove to our hiking spots.

Eventually we got moving. At the Visitors Center we watched a very informative video about Big Bend National Park. Then fixed lunch and headed to the Bouquillas Canyon Trail.

Driving to Bouquillas Canyon.

Heading up the trail.

And around the bend more steps.

First look down to the Rio Grand River.

Across the River is Mexico.

Hiking down to the river bed.

Massive walls.

Can you see the person at the river on the right....to get perspective of the massiveness of the mountains.

Victor, a Mexican on the other side of the river, sings in Spanish as soon as anyone approached the area.

His friend on the U. S. side of the river.

Strict regulations were explained, DO NOT CROSS the river. Do not go into Mexico any place in the Park except official crossing spots.

The Mexican town of Bouquillas across the river.

It was sunny and warmed up to 60 degrees.

These pictures are our campsite were taken 30 minutes apart.

The Camp Host said the mountains would have more color. Don't you agree?

Another night at Rio Grande Village Campgrounds. Chatted with a lot of people on the hike and at our campground. Talked with Heather and Max from Bozeman, MT. who know Phil's cousin, Ginger. Small and glorious world.

Location:Big Bend National Park, TX

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