Monday, January 5, 2015

Big Sur Hwy 1/5/2015

On the road again Monday January 5 to travel the Big Sur highway.
We stopped at the elephant seals rookery 4 miles north of the Hearst Castle. What a captivating place.
We saw some dominant alpha males who let it be known this was his territory.  Males have the hooked nose.
Last year there were 5,300 elephant seals born on this beach.
Teenage seal sparring with each other. And hundreds of moms and their baby pups. Last year 5,300 pups were born at this rookery.
Sparring continues even as the Pacific Ocean waves break in.

It's amusing to see them flip the sand over themselves with their flippers.
When the seals come to the beach they don't eat or drink until they go back to sea.

We stayed an hour and could have stayed longer.

The drive along the coast was phenomenal.
We stopped at Henry Miller's library. He wrote Tropic of Cancer, highly controversial book published in 1934 but banned in the U.S until the 1960's.

We stayed at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park amidst the redwoods. A peaceful place. Actually all the campsites we have stayed at have been quiet.

We weren't under the redwoods but cottonwoods.  It's important to get a level site so we'r not under the redwoods.

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