Saturday, January 3, 2015

Santa Barbara Mission 1/3/2015 -1/6/2015

On the road again Saturday Jan 3. I am marveling at the different terrain of California.
 Vineyards and orchards.
 Hills, ravines, reservoirs, sweeping landscapes. It's not a state of only beaches, huge cities and the huge redwoods.
 I think this is called an Aloe Tree.  See a lot of them.
Santa Barbara Mission was founded by the Franciscans in 1786. The first church was adobe. The fourth church on this site. It was built in 1836.

  Moreton Bay fig tree from 1800's

The Spanish government was concerned about the Russian and English settlements along the west coast.  To establish control soldiers and Franciscans established Presidios and 21 Missions. Father Juniper Serra was the early leader of the Franciscans.

First Mission Altar and Tabernacle from 1789.
 Crucifix from late 1700's
 Madonna and child painting from late 1700's
 Padre's sandals 5 cm platform of carved wood 1780's
 Padre's bed in 1868 was animal hide stretched over a wood frame.
 Teasel carding comb used on wool.

 Baby Jesus sandals similar to Franciscans.
 Music book from 1770-1785
 In May a festival is held and chalk paintings are done on the plaza. 
Here are a few left from May 2014.

Clothes washing basin was built by the Chumash Indians in 1789.  The ladies came to wash their clothes and dry them on the stones.
Stations of the Cross.
As we drive on Hwy. 1 we pass many vineyards.
And fields with hothouse (maybe) protecting young plants.
And fields of vegetables.
We stayed at Pismo Beach State Park. 
We walked some of the great expanse of beach on a beautiful sunny day.

Pacific Ocean wind blown trees.
Been seeing a lot of gorgeous flowers in 6 - 8 ft. bushes.

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