Friday, January 2, 2015

Ronald Reagan Library 1/2/2015

On the road Friday January 2.  Again 25 this morning.  We back in IL consider this a mild temperature but still we don’t want a steady diet of this when on the road.

It was time to say good bye to new friends and hoping to see them down the road.
 Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Library and Museum

 Where Reagan grew up in Dixon, IL

Young Ronald Reagan was a Chicago Cubs radio announcer delivering the play of the game after receiving telegrams of the plays.
Played George Gipper and asked Knute Rockne to win one for the Gipper.
Interesting to learn he met his future wife Nancy because he was President of the Screen Actors Guild.

Reagan wanted a jar of jelly beans within 3 feet of wherever he would sit.
 Reagan traveled to 26 different countries.  Walking thru this Air Force I (no photos allowed inside) it was surprising how huge the plane was, how many separate areas.
 Portrait done in jelly beans.

 Communist leaders

Reagan and Gorbachev working to end Cold War
 And disarm nuclear weapons.
 Seal done with nails
 A display Christmas trees from each California area but it was getting late and needed to get on the road for a campsite.

 Beautiful valley explains why Reagan loved this area.
 Library and Museum.

We stayed at Wheeler Grove Campground.  Arrived after dark, should have left our campground earlier in the morning.  The Reagan Library was so interesting didn't think we'd spend that much time there.

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