Thursday, January 29, 2015

Langtry, TX 1/29/2015

On the road again Thursday Jan. 29
 This is the courtyard of the Marathon Motel and RV campground.

 Water fountain.
 Cactus and fruit.
 Continuing in dry desolate country.
 We do not tire of driving.  The scenery is always changing and we often listen to a good book.  The miles pass quickly.

 We were told we should stop at Langtry and see the Judge Roy Bean Museum.
 Interesting stories about him plus it is a Texas Visitors Center.  We watched the movie about him.

 Heard of his fascination for the famous English actress, Lillie Langtry., "Jersey Lily."
We walked through the Cactus Garden.  It was very impressive.  Lots of plants and descriptions with a brochure detailing the plants.

 If you look closely at the very center of the stones the dark pieces are living stones.

First time i've seen a yucca flowering in the South.  Gorgeous.

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