Friday, January 16, 2015

Joshua National Park 1/16/2015

On the road again Friday Jan. 16
As we start our hike we wee 3 adventurous guys up high.
We hiked to Skull Rock. We saw a Roadtrek parked by the road and as always had to search out the owner. We were delighted to meet energetic Mary from Sheboygan, WI.  We learned there was going to be a Ranger led hike and joined in.
 We learned about dikes.  The line of white rocks through the boulder.
 Always lots of wildlife.

 What does this look like to you?
 A close up.  Bushes are what I though was a nose.
 It was a surprise to see so many plants in the Cholla Garden.
As I was reading the sign I heard Go Cougs.  I was wearing a Washington State University shirt.  The gentleman was a WSU grad.  He used his biology (he said) and psychology majors (after school in Chicago) to become a podiatrist. Interesting chat with him and his wife.
 They are so pretty.  but DO NOT TOUCH.

Smoke Tree
We got our campsite at Cottonwood Springs and hiked to Mastodon Peak.
 Hiked past HUGE California plms.

 We hiked to a plateau and could see the Salton Sea.
 On the way down.
Talked with a couple from Saskatchewan.  They are in the area for almost 6 months.
 We were up top.
 Interesting plant called the paper Bag plant.

While enjoying our campfire a couple from CA stopped to talk.  They talked about their son being in a high school band.   This couple drove their truck and the high school band trailer to competitions. Twice they drove to the East coast.

Another incredible day of exploring.

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