Sunday, January 4, 2015

San Luis Obispo & Hearst Castle 1/4/2015

One the road again Sunday January 4.
 We arrived 45 minutes before Mass at Mission San Luis Obispo so had time for outdoor photos. Phil got to talking to a guy. Eventually Chuck Estrada said he played for the Chicago Cubs. He talked about some of his high school and major league experiences. When he heard I was a Milwaukee Braves fan he talked about how he almost became a Braves. But he became a Baltimore Oriole instead.

This is the only Mission Church that has a wing.
 After Mass we toured the Museum.  Painting depicting the lives of Chumash Indians.

 Early altar.
 Wooden Baptismal font.
 We got our campsite at Hearst San Simeon State Park.

Then to the Hearst Castle. First a movie and going thru the Museum to learn about William Randolph Hearst.
Then a bus ride to the Castle. 
The front door
 Inside the front door
Artworks everywhere
Hearst loved to entertain. And plenty of room!
Ornate tapestries.
Ceilings were covered with antique doors
Dining Room
This was his country home so not fine china nor linens.  Paper napkins and catsup bottles on the table.
Room for entertaining after dinner.

We waited for the tour of the second floor.  You can see the countryside that Hearst loved.
 He died before he could finish his castle although he was constantly adding and changing.
There is an area where the masonry was not covered.  Also the stairwells we not completed.
 38 bedrooms

With sitting rooms
 So huge it needed 3 photos

 Hearst's bedroom.
His office

 There are three lavish cottages
 Work is being done on the Neptune pool.  104 feet long

The indoor pool.

 Lookout to the pacific Ocean on our bus ride to the Visitor Center.
 At one time Hearst had many zoo animals on his property.  Now some deer and cattle.

The moon was huge on the horizon.  Closing off another spectacular day.

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