Friday, January 23, 2015

Quartzsite 1/21-23/2015

On the road again Wednesday Jan. 21

 Dry camping in the desert at Quartzite, AZ  BLM.  No hook up just lots of fun loving RV'ers.

Since we have been rv-ing we have heard about the BIG show at Quartzite.  
 On the road again Thursday Jan. 22 to the Big Tent.  I didn't think to take a photo of or in the big Tent.  Hundreds of vendors in the tent and outside.  Phil bought some LED lights.  Once put in, wow.  The ones we had were not good quality.   What a difference.
 Posted on the back of someone truck.
We visited with other Roadtrekkers around a "Bonfire in a Can." Hardy Bob from Arkansas bought this simple campfire at another show.  Corrugated cardboard is wound in the can.  When the candles are lit wholla, here's a campfire. The cardboard is saturated with wax.  Bob went to the Goodwill store and bought all their candles.  He applies wax to keep the cardboard from burning.
On the road again Friday Jan. 23 
 Today checking out the flea market.  Incredible how man there are and how much stuff there is.  Phil found some clips to combine all his wires for the CB and other things.  32 cent purchase.
 At the Quartzite Museum.  Can you see the adobe walls?
 Adobe walls of the first building in Quartzite.

 Camels were brought from Africa to transport goods thru the desert.
We had a campfire around our propane fire ring.  Great visiting and lots of laughs with new friends.

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