Monday, January 26, 2015

Chicicahua National Park, Willcox, AZ 1/26/20

On the road again Monday Jan. 26
 Traveling through AZ on an overcast day.
After watching the video about Chiricahua National Park at the Visitors Center we ventured out.  What is so interesting is the rocks, boulders are covered with green lichens.
 Wow, what an interesting place.
 Cochise Head mountain (named for an Indian chief)


 The Grotto
 What does this look like to you?

 Makes me think of Box work in Wind Cave, SD.

 There is farmland in the DISTANCE.
Organ Pipe Rock formation.
Faraway Ranch was loved by Lillian and Ed Riggs.  They hosted guests and led horseback explorations through the Wonderland of Rocks.  They persevered to have this land protected.
 Needed an outhouse in the early 1920's.
 Stafford Cabin

We hiked over 5 miles today and are exhausted.  We stayed at the campground in the Park.  i was in bed by 7:30.  Exhilarating day.

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