Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Salvation Mountain, Mecca & Indio, 1/20/2015

On the road again Tuesday Jan. 20
We heard about Slab City where many boondock.
Salvation Mountain.

 It was built by Leonard Knight as his tribute to God.

We hiked up the top.

 From the mountain top we could see some of the boondockers.
 Bales of straw were the basis of the mountain.

A mixture of clay and water.

Branches were the braces. 


 As we drove we passed many orchards of date trees, orange trees and vegetables.
 We drove on Box Canyon Road.  The different landscape continues to amaze me.
General George Patton Museum
 Camp Young was apart of Desert Training Center of WW II.  It was used to train U. S soldiers for combat in Africa.

Damage by fierce winds.

 Because of the movie Patton, I guess I was surprised to see the drawing of the real Patton.

Though Patton only spent 4 months here he impacted the training of more than one million troops.
 Part of the Chapel from the training.
This is a tank similar to the one that Phil drove when he was in the National Guard.

We stayed at the Pilot Truck Stop, Ehrenberg, AZ.  We explored California for 31 days.  We certainly were amazed at the many hills, valleys, beaches, farm fields, deserts and cities that we visited.   There is so much to explore.  Maybe we will return one day.

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