Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Monterey, CA 1/7/2015

On the road again Wednesday Jan. 7.  What a pleasant surprise to have 50 degrees for our overnight low temperature.  No wonder we really like it here.
 San Carlos was founded by Padre Junipero Serra in 1770.

It is the oldest continuously functioning church in CA. It also is noted for being the first sandstone (not adobe) building in CA. It also is the first Cathedral in CA.
 St. Anthony de Padua

St. Charles Borromeo
 A docent gave us a tour of the Cathedral and shared so much wonderful history. Love learning the history.
The docent said he'd give us $100 if we knew what these were.  I didn't know but after he told me I realized I had read about them.  These are sections of whale vertebra.  They were used for sidewalk in the early days.

 Monterey Aquarium was spectacular though pricey but so worth it.
So intersting to see the anemones.
The wavy things are not worms but the arms of a part of the brittle star.

Tiny shrimp

Even more soothing to watch the jellyfish.
Couldn't believe how many different jellyfish.

Cleaning shrimp

 Watched them feed the penguins.

It was so relaxing to watch the fish.
 We learned about the darling sea otters in watching a video. They are so charming.
 What amazing aquarium.
In the city information it said the Lighthouse was open but when we got there the new open dates posted as Thursday - Sunday.  Another couple arrived the same time as we did.  They too were disappointed.

Back at our campsite at the Veterans Park we visited with a couple from Tacoma, WA.  The weather is so balmy here.  Warmer than any where we have been on this trip.

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