Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fort Davis, TX 1/28/2015

On the road again Wednesday Jan. 28
 Fort Davis National Historic Site
 Soldiers protect the stagecoaches that journeyed from San Antonio.
A ticket bought a n 11 inch space on the stagecoach and allowed a 40 lb of luggage.
 What a long and arduous ride.
 Dress uniform along with 4 additional types of hats the soldiers wore.
 The bed had 4 boards.  the twon center ones were 1/4 inch thinner to allow for "give."

 Officer's and his family's quarters

The hospital had interesting exhibits and stories about five injured or sick people.  Would they survive or not?  We found out as we continued to read.  An exceptional display of information.
Showcase with symptoms and description of using the needed instrument.

A horse and two goats were hanging out together.  At one point the horse galloped away about 150 yards and the goats went as fast as they could to catch up.  I wonder if they were being fed.
 At the McDonald Observatory we "attended" a "college" course about the sun and telescopes.

We were the only two in the tour so had a very personal "class. 

 I took a photo of the live telescope look at the sun  that we saw in the classroom.
 Then he set up the telescope and we could see sun spots on the sun.
 This telescope shows hydrogen of the sun.  It was red...a ball of red.

Then by bus we went to the second largest telescope in the world.  
It was dedicated in May 1939.  It is 82 inches.  The cleaning process of the lens is an unbelievable process.
 Next to see the Hobby-Eberly Telescope.  Our heads were swimming with all the new information.  What a day.
And to conclude the day we somehow chose probably the neatest campground we have ever been at.    Marathon Motel and RV campground. There is an adobe courtyard with water feature and such a homey feeling.  After we registered we chatted with a couple heading from from Florida.  The staff came out to light the wood in the fireplace.  After we ate we went bak to the fireplace and enjoyed the peace and quiet and fire.  So very surprising to find such nice accommodations in the desert.

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