Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chandler, AZ 1/24-25/2015

On the road again Saturday Jan. 24
 When fields are irrigated in the dry climate crops grow abundantly in this warm climate.
 We visited our Snowbird friends from IL, Bev and Bob.  They bought this home last spring before they headed back to IL.
 Bev picked lemons
oranges and grapefruit for us to take on the road.  They are great.  Of course so fresh.

On the road again Sunday Jan. 25
We walked a short distance with Bob to Mass at St Steven's Church.

Jesus with Mary and Martha

 Love the Saguaro cactus
 Biosphere was designed to be a second earth.
This building house the rainforest, ocean and desert.
Water and life experiments were performed in the center buildings.  The West lung is on the right.  It provided air for the scientist and building.  The tour was so very interesting.
Kitchen where they made their meals.

Many fruit and nut trees growing in this totally enclosed building.


Octopus cactus
Interesting Boojum tree.
Bird in the Century plant bloom
Boilers for heat and cooling.
Walking in the tunnel to the "lung."  That provided air for the Biosphere.
Interesting to learn how the lung breathed in and out.  The white platform went up and down.  If you look close you can see sections of black the expand and contract.
Amazing sunset as we drive toward Tucson.  We stayed at a Flying J truck stop.

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