Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Joshua National Park 1/14/2015

On the road again Wednesday Jan. 14

We drove to the parking lot by Hole in the Wall where there are rings that a person holds onto to "get up the hole."
 Except we discovered a few days later in talking to people who did the hike we entered the opposite direction. We started the trail and realized we would have to go down some mighty big boulders. At our age, decided no. If we had taken the hike from the Visitor Center we would have climbed up the hole and then over those big boulders. Oh, well...Better to be safe than sorry.
 We went to the lookout.
 Leaving the Mojave Desert Preserve one more look at the cattle....or they look at us.
 Passing through Amboy, CA area we saw interesting pyramid piles of dirt.

Then several ditches and realize they are drying salt

 Arriving at Joshus National Park we see a real Dr. Suess tree...a Joshua tree.  The author lived in this area and if you think about it...doesn't it look like a Dr. Suess tree.
 At the Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center a Ranger gave us good suggestion where to camp and the best hikes. We got our campsite at White Tank and headed toward the Arch Rock hike.
 We were totally amazed how huge the boulders are.
 The Arch Rock.  didn't think it was wise to try over the boulders to get a better photo.

 What does this one look like?  I think a whale.

 Phil attaching the propane line for our fire pit.

A guy asked if we had 2 beers he could buy. It was his last night and was making burritos and beer would go good. We said yes come get them when we finish our hike. We insisted no charge for the beer.

We had our first campfire on this trip.  Great to sit and enjoy the peacefulness of this Park.

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