Monday, January 12, 2015

Mohave Preserve, CA 1/12/2015

On the road again Monday Jan. 12
Foggy weather as we drive to Victorville, CA to get our windshield fixed.
 Fog is slowly lifting.
 While we waited we watched the sports news and got our Packer buzz about their victory over Dallas.  They took the windshield out and put it back in.  Phil asked them to run water around it.  There was still a leak. They fixed it.  As we left the manager kept saying hope it's good.  We more than hope want to trust it is.
In Victorville we drove past Roy Rogers Road and Dale Evans Road. As we travel we notice how barren, rocky and dry the area is. We didn't like the rain (coming through our windshield) but the locals were so grateful.
 As we drove on I-40 we see what we think are acres of solar panels. (But couldn't get the camera out in time.)

 Wide open skies.
 We watched a video about the Mohave Preserve at the Hole in the Wall Visitor Center.
 One ranch still is working on this Mojave Desert Preserve.
We got our campsite. Talked with a couple from Flagstaff. They had been visiting family in CA and spent a few days here.
 Joshua trees in the background.

When the sun crosses the mountains it sure cools off.  What a quiet place.  In the acres of campground there are few.  The stars to so close and bright.  A beautiful night.

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