Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hiking in the Joshua Tree forest & Kelso Dunes 1/13/2015

On the road again Tuesday Jan 13.  Good morning Mr. Sun.
 The sun makes the rocks so red.

Traveled 13 of 32 miles on a WASHBOARD road to hike in the Joshua Forest.
 In this Preserve there are more Joshua trees than any where else.  
 We hiked up for a 360 degree view of the valley. Amazing view atop one of the Teutonia Peaks.

We drove to the Kelso Visitor Center on paved roads.  This had been a train station in the past. We watched a video about the Kelso Dunes
 We hiked part way up the Kelso Dunes but it was getting too late to go all the way up. Plus it is a 650 ft ascent. This is the largest dune in the Mojave Desert. (45 miles square).
It would take a several hours for a round trip. We are so grateful for the hiking sticks our kids gave us several years ago. Use them all the time.

 Our RV in the distant parking lot.

We got back to our campsite just as it was getting dark. 122 miles today. The return to our campsite was 60 miles from the Kelso Dunes...on better paved roads. The trip would have been shorter if we had returned the way we came in the morning but no, didn't want to travel washboard roads again.

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