Friday, January 2, 2015

Pasadena 12/31/2015 & 1/1 &2/2015

On the road Wednesday Dec. 31.  It was a “free day”  so we did housekeeping. 

When we traveled in Alaska this summer we were driving on a paved road from Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs.  No traffic.  Then a small car came by and a rock flew up and hit the windshield.  When we got home our insurance sent a guy out to patch it.  That was fine until our first morning on the road,12/18.  It snowed overnight and was cold.  As the heat was blowing on the windshield we heard a crack and saw a fine crack line near the bottom of the windshield. 

Phil made an appointment for the windshield to be replaced today since we were not traveling.  That was done just in time for us to go to a 4 pm Mass.  The priest suggested not to make new year’s resolution.  Instead make a plan of how one will change or improve. 

After we stopped at Walmart to get Phil a stocking hat.  It’s gonna be cold for the Rose Parade tomorrow.

We got back in time for our New Year’s Eve dinner.  Our leaders said we would celebrate the New Year at 9 pm.  But we headed off to bed by 8 pm. 

On the road Thursday January 1, 2015.  An early start of the year.  We got on the bus at 4:25.  Everyone was there before the assigned time of 4:45 am.  We were ok with getting going so early to be situated at the Parade before it starts.  It was 25 again this morning.  We bundled up.

Just about the time the Parade was to start we heard a big bang and saw flames leaping 5 feet high.  Someone’s propane heater exploded.  Some excitement. 
 The theme of 2015 Rose Parade is Inspiring Stories.  Each float and each Band participating had a special story to tell.

 This is the float we worked on.
 I glued the light green on the lily pad.

 Love Boat celebrating 50 years.

 They are everywhere.

The floats were so impressive.

The bands were sharp and the Dance groups so colorful and entertaining.  What an event to see in person.  By the way the temperature was 34 by the time we got to our Parade seat at 7 am.  We were very comfortable.

After the Parade we hustled to our bus with thousands of other people only to wait for the traffic jam to allow us to move.

To be continued.....


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