Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mission San Carlos, Carmel & Monterey, CA 1/6/2015

On the road again Tuesday Jan 6 continuing our drive on the Big Sur.

Bixbie Bridge

 Mission San Carlos Borromeo, Carmel by the Sea was founded by Franciscan Padre Junipero Serra in 1771.


When the Mission was restored this statue of St. Francis was restored.  They were surprised to see not a brown cloak but leaf pattern.

Pope Paul John II visited in Sept. 17, 1987.
In the courtyard we visited with a couple from CA.  They gave us some spots to visit as we continue on our exploration.

 Confessional made of a wooden shipping crate.
 Monterey Harbor.  We got our campsite at Veterans City Park, Monterey. Then explored Monterey.
Custom House is the oldest government building.  Monterey was the capital 1822-1846.
They are tearing up the ice rink that was on this location for 4 weeks.
 Not the architecture of a bank we'd see in the Midwest.
Preserved theater.
Robert Lewis Stevenson lived in the French House for 3 months.  He gathered information for writing Treasure Island.
 Farmer's Market had awesome vegetables.
What an amazing day.  We loved the tour of San Carlos and walking through Monterey.  We visited with a guy from Tacoma, WA at the campground.

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